Pathfinder - Rise of the Runelords

Session 4

- party rested in temple….. and then explored side rooms… only to find some storage barrels
- party proceeds forward: Dargan connected with a knee to the groin to a SS (sinspawn)… which only partially made up for the fact that he took 4 solid hits from the baddies
— blessed healing by our man the half-angel brought the party back up to full
- the DM was meticulously drawing booming detailed maps on the fly…. GB!

- found a jail cell with 3 mutants….. similar to X-men
- mauled a 3-armed goblin
- got mauled by a dreaded VARGOUILLE…… edited the wiki to ensure everyone knows a vargouille can provide “services”
- Elzarion is at risk of being transformed into said VARGOUILLE…. (noun, pronounced Var-gweeeeel)
- mage handed some wicked items from a sphere…. book, scroll, wand, wine
- got back to town – it was partially on fire!
- after investigating the fire was a mere distraction… flame arrows poked into the wooden palisade
- the wooden bridges were burned down, but the reinforcements were cutoff outside the city… the sheriff and his men are in need of makeshift bridge!
- make-shift bridge was good enough to get the men across…. with the minor skirmish of 7 goblins quickly dispatched to make way
- town saved! We hit the temple to get the men well…. we needed to shake off the effects of the dreaded VARGOUILLE.
- the FOP (foxglove) claimed a massive victory getting the mercenaries to the town… so we celebrated with some booming vintage
- Big John Historian (bespectacled Quink) gave us the goods on the history of the Thessalonians…. he got wood.
- while Dargan was off earning trinkets (family heirloom) and the priest was meditating…. Drutz was scoring some serious Poontang!!! Ya baby!



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