Pathfinder - Rise of the Runelords


The elven ranger Shalelu guided the party to a secret entrance of Thistletop that passed through the briar patch on the shoreline. While attempting to navigate the passageways, the party engaged a pack of goblin dogs led by a goblin druid named Gogmurt and his pet cougar, Tangletooth. Beltram took a beating and dropped fast. Without his healing magic, the party struggled to defeat the creatures but in the end, they were victorious.

With further exploration of the briar patch, the party came across a hole that appeared to drop down about 80 feet. Sounds of water splashing and a creature growling could be heard. Dargen, overcome with curiosity, had the party lower him down the hole at the end of a rope. This proved to be a foolish idea as a dreaded BUNYIP made this cave its lair. The beast let out a terrifying screech that caused Beltram and Ixitchitchil to run for their lives then it proceeded to toss Dargen around like a toy doll. Bloody and nearly dead, Dargen was hauled back up by Elzarion and Drutz. After coming back to his senses, Beltram applied healing magics to the monk who, undaunted, demanded to be lowered down the hole again so he could finish off the BUNYIP. Once again, this proved to be foolish as the beast continued to feast on Dargen, nearly killing the monk yet again. But not before the dwarf was able to lay one final blow to the beast, killing it. As Dargen’s bloodied body hang limp at the end of the rope, his life slowly slipping away, Beltram, without thinking, dropped the rope and jumped into the hole. Elzarion and Drutz, in total disbelief, watched as the rope quickly uncoiled down the hole behind the cleric. With lightning quick reflexes, they were able to grab the end before it disappeared down the hole. Just before reaching the bottom, Beltram snapped his fingers, casting Feather Fall then used his healing magics on the broken dwarf. A search of the BUNYIP’s cave revealed some nice treasures of gold coins, gems, three magic arrows and a wand of shield.

Moving further through the briars, the party came to a rope bridge that spanned across to the island fortress on Thistletop. Unattentive goblin guards could be seen on the other side. After Beltram ensured the structural integrity of the bridge, the party stealthily made their way across. Dargen and Ixitchitchil made quick work of the guards but not before they were able to set off the alarm. A pack of goblin riders came from around the side of the fortress but Elzarion dropped most of them with a blast of Color Spray. The party mopped up the remaining goblins with ease.



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