Pathfinder - Rise of the Runelords

Downtime - Dargen

Friendships cultivated & animosity developed

During the 6 months of relative peace, Dargen settles into this peaceful and accepting town.

Dargen allocates his mornings to working in the smithy alongside of Das, and their reputation for quality and timeliness of work grows. Dargen has earned the respect of Das, but their relationship is somewhat less than friendly – Dargen empathizes with his loss of wife and son, and sticks it out in the hopes he may soften Das’ harden shell. Meanwhile, Dargen establishes a professional relationship with Sevah, and she often extends an invitation for Dargen to join her armory operation. Dargen has resisted, but his determination is wavering.

His afternoons are spent assisting victims of crime – he regularly visits the family whose husband/father was killed by the goblin in the closet. He also helps out with re-building farms, repairing homes as required.

Dargen also has a soft spot in his heart for youth who have lost their way. As such he has been working to identify youth at risk, and invites them to learn basic fighting skills, and uses this time to instill confidence and respect for themselves and others. Dargen has approached Beltram to see if they can find a way to give these street urchins a place to go to keep them out of trouble.

Most evenings are spent volunteering for the militia and he is an honorary constable. Dargen takes his turn on patrol, and accompanies Belor to break up bar brawls, and during most visits to the Fatman’s Feedbag.

In his downtime, he does what he can to learn about the various trades around town. He has a genuine curiosity for watching skill at work. Some people appreciate the artistry of music – Dargen has this same appreciation for the trades.

In his role, Dargen has gained the respect of the majority of Sandpoint. He is perceived as a dwarf of action who gets things done. He is rock-steady, unflappable, stands up for himself and others, is fair and thoughtful.

He has cultivated a few special relationships as follows:
Ameiko (Rusty Dragon)- has assumed a fatherly love for this free spirit, who could not be more different from himself – they learn from each other.
Bethana – shares parental love for Ameiko, and apprecaite each other’s honesty and loyalty – close friend and confidente
Aesrick (Carpenter) – share similar values and racial commaradery
Valioker (Locksmith) – share values and street urchin past and racial commaradery and loves drink at Cracktooth’s
Vachedi (Jailor) – both heavily scarred, both interested in Justice, though Vachedi is more vigilante. Dargen has vowed to assist in helping to free his 2 sons from slavery.

There are those who are not as appreciative of Dargen, as follows:
Gorvi the Dungsweeper – knowing he provides and invaluable service to the community has allowed his ego to swell to the point where he feels he can do whatever he wants. Lately, he has been harassing women on the boardwalk, and making trouble at the Hagfish. Dargen starts regular patrols of the Boardwalk, and stands up to him when he gets rowdy at the Hagfish.

Cyrdak Drokus – larger than life and braggart, and is constantly taking shots at Ameiko. Dargen takes her side every time.

Gressel Tenniwar – despite Dargen’s attempts to remain objective and fair in his dealings with management and patrons of this den of scoundrels, he is not good for business. Attempts to intimidate Dargen and Belor have failed. It also does not help that vulnerable street urchins are finding a different path…



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