Pathfinder - Rise of the Runelords

Downtime Log

After returning to Sandpoint, Beltram leads an expedition of town guards and labourers back to Thistletop in the hopes of retrieving as many of the Thassilonian books, scrolls and artifacts as he can (also, meat for bunyip stew).

He meets with Mayor Kendra and discusses the property on the north side of Cliff Street. The two small buildings adjacent to the gnome map collector, Veznutt Parooh (building #4, “The Way North”, Sandpoint) were destroyed during the Sandpoint Fire and never rebuilt. Using his influence, Beltram convinces Mayor Kendra to sell him the property at a good price. She agrees that removing the dilapidated structures and putting the land to good use will benefit the town.

Demolition of the old and construction of the new begin immediately. As per the rules in Pathfinder PRD – Ultimate Campaign, the following rooms are built over the next six months:

Common Room
Courtyard with Statue of Iomedae
Book Repository

Depending on exactly when adventuring picks up again, construction of a Classroom and Ceremonial Room are next. (Eventually, the following will be added as well: Magical Repository, Reliquary, Sauna, Scriptorium, Scrying Room, War Room and Garden.)

Beltram sees this facility as a place for academics to meet and discuss matters of the day. A place where travelling scholars can stay with like-minded individuals. A place of learning where ancient treasures and artifacts can be stored and researched. Also, a place he and his fellow Heroes of Sandpoint can call home. The lodgings are small, simple rooms but comfortable. To staff the inn, he hires an ex-farmer, (Brum Dongoron, his wife Sundassa and their teenage son and daughter, Kotun and Konira) whose farm was destroyed by marauding goblins. Mrs. Dongoron is an excellent cook.

Beltram sends a letter to the temple of Iomedae in Magnimar requesting they send some acolytes to help catalog and research the artifacts he’s found. He also asks if there may be any knowledgeable sword knights with experience in the field who would be helpful in the event that he is required to investigate any future troubles in the region.

And finally, Beltram takes on the role of family doctor for Ameiko Kaijitsu, who reveals to him that she is with child. Drutz’ child.



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