Pathfinder - Rise of the Runelords

Session 3

Party is now level 2

Party relays info to Mayor and preps guard for mass goblin attack.

Party advises they are to revisit the caverns below the Glassworks, and ask guard to collapse tunnel behind us to protect against attack.

Party opts to explore bricked up tunnel they hear faint moaning from.

First chamber encountered 2 vile abberations, sin spawn. Elzarion is taken out with madness that sickens him with rage after a bite. Party makes quick work, but takes its share of damage. Beltram grants blessed healing.

Next hall, party proceeds cautiously down the hall, ready for progressively more deadly foes. Find large statue of wrathful chick with seven star weapon.

Quasit rages how dare the party intrudes on Mothers sanctum. Slashes wrist into bubbling pool and drop of blood spawns a new sin spawn. Serious battle ensues where she summons 3 more sin spawns and gates in an abyssal hound. Beltram makes effective use of Command to control the Quasit exposing her to much needed AoO. He also advises the party to use Cold Iron weapons. Elzarion hits several times with his bow. Dargen charges her multiple times and eventually, she is defeated. The remaining sin spawn is destroyed by Drutz.



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