Pathfinder - Rise of the Runelords

Session 7

- Party divies the loot and gets ready to continue the adventure…
- Library contains lots of research into Thassilonian culture/magic (looking for something)
- mining gear present with evidence of random mining – for what???
- History appears to show 7 Kings vying for control – representing deadly sins
- Party has previously encountered Wrath
- Others include: Greed, Sloth, Pride, Lust, Envy, Gluttony
- party travels down pitch black tunnel – Beltram summons forth a dim light
- party comes upon a curtained wall
- Elzarion pulls the curtain aside to reveal a room tilted down towards the west
- Badly tortured elf with a 7 pointed star carved into his chest is chained to a pillar
- Dargen canvasses the room for hidden danger, Elzarion secures the other entrance
- Beltram bestows blessed healing on the tortured soul
- Eidolon picks the locks on the chains to free the elf
- Elf was hired by Nualia, seeking mercenaries, assumed she was well-meaning
- Then behaviours changed – seeking the one true Master, mutilated her arm, allied with goblins
- She and her companions visits him daily to see if he is still alive, and torture him for trying to leave until unconcious
- Durriken’s the name, wizardry’s his game! Has lost his bonded ring and is a tad bit frantic.
- Statues in this room represent the Rune Lord of Greed – room has been trashed
- Durriken is invited to join the party and they open the door
- After overcoming the Statue Glaive/Pit Trap in the hall, Dargen opens the north facing door and discovers Nualia – twisted crazy chick with demonic arm
- Dargen charges her with a dwarven war cry and lands a super punch that takes her by surprise
- One of the two Yeth hounds belches forth a demonic howl that sends Elzarion and Durriken running for the hills
- Eidolon and Beltram enter the fray and engage the hounds
- The first hound pounces on Beltram for a devastaing blow – but he deflects the attack with a Stone shield, and disengages to aid Dargen who is in tough against demon wannabe
- With the aid of some timely healing, Dargen is able to take her out
- The Eidolon then takes out a frenzied hound, shortly thereafter the party takes out the final hound while Dargen nurses his wounds
- With her dying breath, she weezes out “Pass the Seal, Lord of Greed. Father, please forgive me”
- Beltram assesses the situation and offers up the last of his daily healing.
- The party opts to barricade themselves in the room, and rest up for the night, and take this opportunity to search the room for treasure
- Nualia had a mentor in Magnimar…
- Plan to storm Sandpoint to fuel and activate the Rune well under the Glassworks facility
- She was hoping to release the demon in the hopes he knew how to activate the well
- Feeling much refreshed, and after levelling up, the party opens the double doors to find a long and wide hallway with the column of Gold coins at the end.
- Party investigates – Eidolong attempts to pick up a coin only to realize this is an illusion, but he does notice 2 small coin slots to either side of the column.
Dargen and Durriken drop a gold coin simultaneoulsy and the column twists into the floor to reveal an ornate door with a 7-point key hole
- Durriken opens the door and proceeds inside only to be surprised by an invisible Demon – Barghest – and is nearly killed
- Party contemplates leaving this unholy creature to stew in his prison, then reconsider as they do not want to leave a demon to be freed by some other crazy
- Beltram lays down the blessings of Iomedea on the party and they wade in to meet their fate – Iomedae must have been watching, as they made quick work of the creature with spells that should have failed, but succeeded, weakening the creature, leaving him vulnerable to magically enhanced attacks.
- With the dungeon cleared, the party returns to a hero’s welcome in Sandpoint.
- 6-8 months pass uneventfully, allowing the heroes to build a somewhat normal life in this quiet town…



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