Pathfinder - Rise of the Runelords

Session 2

A couple of weeks have passed without incident. The group of adventurers, brought together by the surprise goblin attack, continue to benefit from a warm reception by the local population, and are now regularly referred to as the “Town Heroes”. All heroes remain in town, and for the most part, have found a valid means by which to contribute to the local society.

With Ameiko continuing to extend her hospitality to the group, the party continues to meet up for dinner and drinks nightly, where possible.

One morning, during breakfast, Sheriff Belor and a feral looking female warrior approached the party to share some important news. Belor confirms Shalelu Andosana has returned earlier than usual due to an increase in goblin activity in the region. Of greater concern is the fact that it appears the 5 goblin tribes of the region appear to be working in concert – leading to the assumption that a more powerful entity is applying influence – to what end is the real mystery.

Shalelu confirms the following info:
7 Tooth – base in Shankswood, wealthy raiders of the Sandpoint junkyard
Thistletop – base out of Thistletop
Mosswood – base in Mosswood
Birdcrunchers – base along south-west border of the Devil’s Platter
Licktoad – base in the Brinestone Marsh

With the tribes united, the Sandpoint militia is unable to address this threat, and Belor confirms he must head to Magnimar to request reinforcements immediately. Shalelu must head back out into the wild to scout the region. Belor needs to take 2 of the city watch with him, leaving just 10 militia to guard the city. Belor asks our group of heroes to take charge of the watch, and make arrangements to defend the town until he returns in 1 week.

The party agrees and meets with the town guard to set up patrols at the North Gate and both bridges. Beltram visits all waterfront merchants to establish a neighbourhood watch to supplement the thin militia.

Beltram takes 4 guards and assumes responsibility for the North Gate.
Dargen takes 2 guards and watches over the North Bridge
Elzarion takes 2 and watches over the South Bridge
Drutz takes 2 and forms a patrol along the Wharf

That night, after the supper rush, the cook of the Rusty Dragon approaches the group to request a private meeting to discuss a sensitive matter. Once they were alone in the kitchen, she shared her concern about the mysterious absence of the proprietor Ameiko, supported by a note from Ameiko’s estranged brother, Tsuto. The translated letter requested a midnight meeting at the family’s Glassworks facility to discuss the wayward ways of their father.

With great concern over their charitable patron, the party immediately sets out for the Glassworks, with a pitstop at the Mayor’s residence to advise her of the development, and to request her permission to investigate the Glassworks on official business.

After scoping out the joint, the party gathers at the delivery entrance. They listen carefully, and can hear some cackling laughter that sounds very much like goblins – more goblins! Drutz’s pet fails to open the lock, which leads Dargen to kick it in.
The party enters a small office with another door at the back of the room. The party tests this door, which is unlocked. Upon opening the door, the party encounters a gruesome scene:
- 6 goblins are reeking havoc by trashing the contents of the glassworks.
- they are tossing human limbs back and forth
- Ameiko’s father is tied to a chair, and has been coated by layers of molten glass – a gruesome sight indeed!

The goblins immediately attack the party and are dispatched in due course. 2 more goblins join the fray, but then retreat to the lower levels.

The party spends a few minutes regrouping and healing, and the proceed down the stairs. One they reach the bottom, they are surprised by what can only be Tsuto and the remaining goblins.

The heroes manage to dispatch the goblins and seriously injure Tsuto, but are unable to capture him before he escapes down a tunnel. Upon further investigation, the party finds a secret door which leads to a large cave which opens onto the beach which flows into the Varisian Gulf. With the trail cold, the party returns to search the lower level of the Glassworks where they find Ameiko, who is barely conscious. They also uncover Tsuto’s journal which reveals the following clues:
- the goblin attack was a distraction to secure Tobyn’s remains, which have apparently been burned at the Thistletop shrine as a tribute to Lamashtu.
- there is a full attack planned to burn Sandpoint to the ground
- Ripnugget, the goblin chieftan of the Thistletop tribe, wants to attack via land en mass
- Tsuto wants to enlist the aid of a Quasit to attack from the Glassworks tunnels with a simultaneous attack from the River with smaller focused attacks
- Bruthazmus the bugbear, does not agree – what does that mean?
- Tsuto’s love is attempting to release Malfeshnekor, a demon? She may also be attempting to transform herself into a Succubus? Taking place in the lower chambers – where? Thistletop?

There are still a couple of tunnels to explore under the Glassworks.
There is an impending large scale battle in the works and defence to be planned.
There is a demon being summoned that the party needs to stop.

Heroes Gather

Start date – Fireday, Rova 28, 4708. Fall in Sandpoint
Swallow Tail Festival – Consecrate new temple to 6 deities – Sandpoint Cathedral
(Abadar, Desna, Erastil, Gozreh, Sarenrae, and Shelyn)
“Late Unpleasantness” – 5 yrs ago – Sandpoint Fire and Chopper
Rusty Dragon Inn – Party’s Home base – party earns free lodging

Ceremony – Sheriff, Priest, Mayor, Theatre Proprietor (monkey)
Sheriff – Belor Hemlock stiff ass;
Theatre – Cyrdak Drokkus gay as hell;
Priest – Abstalar Zantus family person;
Mayor – Kendra Deverin neutral

Bizarre outbreak of goblins attack a dog in the square…. um ok.
Goblins are ropy. Easily dispatched 9 of them plus some war-chanter.

We meet a FOP hiding behind a barrel. Some buffoon of a cleric was chanting about METING OUT JUSTICE… but then he turned out to be not such a bad fellow doling out several rounds of divine healing goodness. The FOP wasn’t so bad either as he promised us much vintage wine from his estate!

Drutz failed to bag the innkeeper lady.

Apparently one of the tombs was desecrated and looted… the corpse of Father Ezekiel (much loved past Priest of Sandpoint) was stolen! Party was attacked by 2 skidder skeletons upon investigating the tomb… a Robe of Bones was recovered.

The FOP Aldern Foxglove took us boar-hunting and had no idea that they are bad news – Elzarion and Drutz almost ate the bad bun. Well… at least Elz got a new horse out of the deal.

A lady with an injured boy approached Dargen for help. Her husband (Alarghast) is dealing with some goblins that were hiding in her son’s closet. Not sure how they got there. Dargen dispatched the baddy promptly and stabilized the father.

Later that evening in the bar, a strange event transpired. Some grumpy old chinese guy rolled in and started whining away about his daughter. Is just happens that his daughter is the hot innkeeper Drutz was trying to score with. The party interceded, but turned out she could take care of herself. She promptly cuffed him on the side of the head with a soup ladle, and asked him to not interfere with her life. He fled the scene after chewing out his daughter and claiming she is as dead to him as her mother… what a potato!

Ameiko Kaijitsu returned to the kitchen and the party returned to their table and introduced themselves formally.


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